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ComNet 1000
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User Interface  Display  10" TFT Color display with Anti-vandal cover
 Optional Touch Screen
 Keyboard  PCI Compliant EPP (T-DES, DES, RSA)
 8 Function keys
 Card Reader  Dip hybrid (MS/IC) card reader
 Optional Motorized Smart card reader (Hico/Loco)
 EMV Certification Approved
Receipt Printer  Print Method  Graphical thermal Printer
 Print Characters  QR barcodes, thermal printing along the length of
 the check, with the support of the Cyrillic alphabet
 Paper Width  80mm
 Print Speed  150mm/sec (600 dots line/sec)
 Receipt Capacity  Max 150mm Φ Diameter (2,500 transactions)
Journal Printer  Print Method  Electronic Journal
Cash Dispenser  Cassette Capacity  2,000 notes/Cassette
 Despensing Speed  Max. 7 notes/sec
 Bills Transaction  Scattering type (free air)
 Reject  Up to 200 notes with Lock
 Lock  Cassette with Lock
 Shutter  N/A
 Number of Cassette  1 Cassette
Control Unit  CPU  Samsung ARM1177JZF-S Core/ARM11, 667Mhz
 Memory  SDRAM 128Mb
 Storage  NAND Flash 512Mb, Optional SD Memory Card (8Gb)
 O/S  MicroSoft Windows CE Platform
 Audio  ADA Compliant (Audio and Sound jack available)
 Security  UL 291 Business hour Certification Approved
 Optional Security camera
 Mechanical combination Lock, Optional Electronic Lock
 Dimension  345(W) × 685(D) × 710(H) mm
 Weight  Approx. 100 Kg
 Power  AC 110~220V 50/60Hz  80W(Idle), 250W(Operating)
 Communication  TCP/IP (Up to 10/100 Mbps)
 Environmental Conditions  Temperature: 0~40℃, Humidity: 20~ 85%
 Country compulsory  CB, EMC, UL Certification Approved
 Type  Lobby Type
 Maintenance Access  Front Access
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